Disclaimer: All the youth which are shown here on this page are taken from social media. Anyone with a computer can retrieve these through any computer, simply by surfing the internet. They represent no family which is known to HTJM or any of it's volunteers. They are only used for the soul purpose of education and examples of the youth which HTJM is currently working with. The State of Florida prohibits the filming by camera, video recorder or any other means, any youth which are incarcerated in any juvenile facility in the state of Florida.

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alachua-juvinile-facility-mike alachua-regional-jevenile-detention-center dscn0533 dscn0534 dscn0536 dscn0535 dscn0537 dscn0538 dscn0539 international-headqurters Duval-Reginonal-Juvenile-Detention-Center 002 055 053 055-1 054 056 057 058 060 059 061 063 062 064 066 065 143 414749-justice-prison555 alexci Inmates stand by bars of their cell during the inauguration of the Delmas 33 Juvenile Prison Facility. The 3,040 m2 rehabilitation facility which will hold 120 juvenile offenders was funded with a $450,000 grant by the United Kingdom. Photo Victoria Hazou UN/MINUSTAH justinbieber-csi five-star-jail juvenile-criminals juvenile-jail juvenile-offender kid-court kid-prison-thumb-640xauto-5618 prison-ministry lostyouth1 kids-jail untitled Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. Downey, California.